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iPhone apps help the blind in all kinds of ways


We've heard of the iPhone being used in all kinds of situations, but here's a new one for me. Blind iPhone users are making wide use of the device for identifying objects visually. This writeup over at The Atlantic has more, telling the story of two blind women who use Apple's little mobile phone to do things like identify the color of clothing, scan money bills for their values, and even tell them where they are, via GPS and voice controls.

The Audible app will also read books out loud, and there are apps to tell the user where they're pressing on the screen, and even "speech texting" through HeyTell, which is an app that I know a few sighted people use as well.

In the future, these blind users would like even more, specifically better integration of Siri with voice controls (which is something that I think everyone would like), and even more location features. They mention an idea where a phone will buzz or vibrate if you happen to be near a certain location. Still, it's amazing how much having a powerful little, location and camera-equipped pocket-sized computer has been able to change the lives of the blind.

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