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Nexon's relationship with EA is much less exciting than we heard before


US game publishing giant Electronic Arts isn't being purchased by South Korean social game company Nexon anytime soon, but the two companies are in talks. Not talks about an acquisition, mind you, but regarding Asian distribution of EA's FIFA Online series. Those two things are what we might call, "totally different," but Bloomberg's unnamed sources apparently didn't see a huge difference between the two when they informed the publication last week that Nexon was seeking a purchase of EA.

Bloomberg's backtracking on that report – which pretty much everyone called very unlikely at the time – is saying now that "three people with knowledge of the matter" tell the publication a deal is being brokered between Nexon and EA for distribution of the online-based soccer title in Asia. Specifically, EA could employ Nexon's "online servers and developers in Asia" to help bring FIFA Online to the continent. An announcement of the partnership is expected "as early as June," which, you know, would line up pretty well with E3 2012.

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