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Rainbow Moon fleshed out with new trailer, screens, system details

Jordan Mallory

Besides being chock full of explosions, meteors and a charmingly tiny boat, this latest trailer for Rainbow Moon also demonstrates the isometric PSN-exclusive RPG's various systems, which as we all know are the most important parts of any RPG. Well, at least as important as the inclusion of a tiny boat, at any rate.

The game's battle system straddles the line between "new" and "classic" by implementing old-school ideas (like a grid-based combat map) and counter balancing them with more modern concepts (like optional random encounters), according to a PlayStation Blog post by SideQuest Studios' CEO Marcus Pukropski. Players will have access to "over 120" different skills for use in battle against "100 different enemies from 17 classes."

Despite the trailer's high-octane vibe, combat is said to be a "no stress, no chaos" affair in which players have time to properly strategize their next move. Rainbow Moon should be available on the PlayStation Network in "just a few weeks."

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