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Report: MLB 2K12 Perfect Game Million Dollar Challenge ends with accusations of cheating


2K Sports' annual million dollar pitching challenge in its MLB 2K series had a bit of a change-up this year. Rather than awarding vast sums of cash to the first person to throw a perfect game in MLB 2K12, this year the competition introduced a new setup: a period of time where everyone could try to pitch a perfect game, and a complex algorithm judging the results and assigning scores. Taking a lower-rated pitcher against a great squad, for example, gives you more points.

The competition is closed and the final eight have been chosen, but one of the finalists has been accused of employing an exploit that allowed him to change the lineups on both teams prior to the start of the game, allegedly yielding a much higher score than his peers and allowing him to crack the top eight. Kotaku has several images of supposed text messages between William Haff, the accused, and Scott Young, the individual who claimed he belongs in the top eight (he ended up in tenth) because others used the exploit to overtake him.

The only problem is that a lot of the evidence is dependent on screen grabs of text messages – something anybody with a computer can create easily. However, Kotaku's Owen Good says he called Haff, who was apparently a bit dodgy when questioned yet assured he didn't break any of the official rules.

We've reached out to 2K Games for comment, and to find out whether or not this controversy will affect the remainder of this year's festivities, or any future contests.

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