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Star Trek Online posts Ask Cryptic answers for each day of May

Eliot Lefebvre

Converting a game from a subscription model is hard work. That's the theme throughout the latest installment of Star Trek Online's regular Ask Cryptic feature: The reason that the game has gone for so long without major batches of new content is that the team has been wholly focused on switching models. But there's more coming to the game in the near future, starting with the major Season 6 patch hitting the test server soon.

The coming patch will feature new ground and space missions similar to STFs without being quite the same sort of content. The update will also feature a new Fleet Advancement system, which will give player groups a chance to improve themselves and acquire new bonuses. Star Trek Online players will be well-served by taking a look at the full list of answers, which go into further detail about upcoming systems and planned additions for the next patch and beyond.

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