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Steve Jobs interview returning to theatres


Last November, a 70 minute documentary based on "lost" interview footage with Steve Jobs was shown in a number of Landmark theaters in the U.S. Now "Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview" is returning to Landmark theaters for a limited run in 19 cities beginning on May 11.

The footage was originally recorded in 1995 when journalist Robert Cringely was working on his "Triumph of the Nerds" series for PBS. The master tapes were lost, but a VHS copy was found in London last October. After digitization and restoration, the interview footage was released to capitalize on the publicity surrounding both the death of Jobs and the release of the Walter Isaacson biography.

MacNN reports that the resolution of the film has now been enhanced using digital cleanup techniques, and that Robert Cringely provides "context and linking narrative." The Landmark Theatres website doesn't show the listings for the film at this time, so check your local theater listings next week for show times and locations.

[via AppleInsider]

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