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If The Avengers ever has a video game tie-in, we hope it's not like this


We're warring with ourselves over the lack of a movie tie-in game for The Avengers, much like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers fight with each other in the beginning of the Avengers initiative, each representing opposing yet valid spectrums of morality, society and technology. And that's the problem – The Avengers movie is so good that we can relate everything in our daily lives back to the most faint of plot points and imagined superhero thought processes. It's also the reason we're disappointed that there's no Avengers video game.

But movie games are always terrible, right? It probably would have been rushed, stilted and dumbed-down for a (much) wider audience.

Actually, Steve, it probably would have been fantastic, as this pre-alpha footage from a canceled THQ game demonstrates.

Well, Tony, that could merely be programmers editing the computer-generated graphics with software and codes to make the game appear better than it actually is.

Steve, stop quoting Bruce. You sound like a man who's been frozen for 70 years. Oh wait.

Shut up. At least the humorous video at the top of this page isn't real.

For once, Cap, we agree on something. And there's always this potential Ubisoft title, Avengers: Battle for Earth. But it's not called Avengers: Iron Man is Obviously the Best, so I'm ignoring that one too. Cheers.


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