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One Shots: Sequelizin'


Massively reader Sharvis, a familiar name throughout our comment section, landed today's One Shots feature with a screenshot from the most recent Guild Wars 2 beta event for pre-purchasers. And it looks like he managed to figure out a way to see the Asura and Sylvari in NPC form, in spite of their absence from the test as playable characters. He writes in,
My Ranger, Leander Delmanos, overlooks the water beyond Lion's Arch in Guild Wars 2. He's accompanied by Snoots, his faithful bear companion, and two NPCs.
We've got more GW2 pics for this special One Shots edition after the cut!

Everyone who enters Divinity's Reach is blown away at its scope and size. It's pretty impressive on the outside too, which is no doubt why we you folks sent in so many images of it! We received this one from a fellow named Feathersword, who captured his character Spunk in The Trunk (I am not even making this up) posing outside of the towering capital.

Finally, Rayko of the Gaiscioch guild on the Eternal Grove server sent us two images that couldn't be more different. At first blush, the combat scene looks like a smear of white chaos as his clansmen attack the fearsome foe known as the Legendary White Rabbit. And in the second image, Rayko's character mugs for the camera as the world burns behind him. "What's that smell?" he wonders. "And does my hair look OK?"

We'll be doing more Guild Wars 2 editions in the future, so keep 'em coming. What about you folks playing TERA? We'd love to show off your exploits in En Masse's new title. Bring 'em on!

Want to be featured in a future edition of One Shots? Send your favorite MMO screenshots to, and don't forget to include your name, the name of the game, and a description of the scene. Large, colorful, UI-free shots that tell a story and really show off the game make for the best images. Look ma, we brought back One Shots!

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