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Rampant Speculation Theatre presents: Australian Classification Board rates 'Rabbids Rumble'

Jordan Mallory

The Australian Classification Board has issued a rating of "G" to Rabbids Rumble from Ubisoft, which doesn't exist. Okay, well, not officially anyway. We're sure something exists, and that the Australian Classification Board rated it, but Ubisoft has yet to publicly acknowledge its existence, whatever it is. Just like every other time we've been present with a leak that completely lacks context, Rampant Speculation Theatre has some ludicrous, baseless guesses totally reasonable ideas about what Rabbids Rumble might be.
  • Not to miss the brawler gravy train, Rabbids Rumble will be a Smash Bros.-esque fighter starring all the extremely recognizable characters we all know and love from the Rabbids franchise, like, uhm, the white one, or the one with the ears. Launch is tentatively set for "whenever PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale comes out."
  • Other entirely made up sources claim that Rabbids Rumble is actually a hyper serious seismology simulator, wherein the player takes control of a Rabbid Seismologist that must analyze tectonic recordings from around the globe. Microtransactional progression is implemented via seismometer upgrades that can either be earned in-game, or purchased as DLC.

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