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Join us for the CTIA keynote with the CEOs of the big four US carriers, tomorrow at 5:30PM ET!

Brad Molen

In what seems to be turning into an annual tradition, the CEOs of the largest mobile operators in the US will be matching wits with Jim Cramer -- and each other -- in tomorrow afternoon's CTIA keynote. This year, however, we'll get to hear from T-Mobile chief Phillip Humm in addition to the usual trifecta of Dan Mead, Dan Hesse and Ralph de la Vega. We'll be liveblogging the show to soak in all of the latest news, quotes and groaners that may come out as a result. Join us! And while you wait, stay caught up on the happenings in New Orleans by checking out our event hub.

May 8, 2012 5:30 PM EDT

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