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Fracuum, the game within a game from Closure's Tyler Glaiel


Tyler Glaiel, creator of Closure, likes to stay busy, apparently. The developer banged out a game in 48 hours for the 23rd Ludum Dare 48 competition, which went down from April 20-23. Entitled Fracuum, the game tasks players with navigating a cube through a maze of traps and hazards. Graphically, it's not terribly different from early efforts on the Atari 2600, though it comes packing a twist.

Taking on the Ludum Dare 23 theme of "Tiny World," each level of Fracuum has another level embedded inside of it, creating a loop of levels within levels and a mild case of tunnel vision. It's easier to play than it is to explain, so just head over to Glaiel's website and try it out. Ludum Dare 48 voting closes in just under a week.

[Thanks, Cal.]

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