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Report: Blockbuster UK lists 25 Wii U titles


The Wii U launch lineup may have gotten a touch clearer, if alleged snapshots of a UK Blockbuster database are to be believed. The shots show off 25 different titles, some of which are already known, and some that aren't. Notable games include Rabbids Party Land, Marvel Super Heroes, Just Dance 4, Monsters Party and Sports Connection. Granted, many titles may be placeholders. For example, "Zombie" seems like an awfully vague title.

There's no way to know how accurate the list actually is, though there are plenty of Ubisoft titles listed, so it certainly feels like a proper console launch. Check out the full list after the break.

Update: A user on NeoGAF who claims to have recently left Blockbuster's employment has stated that the company's list of Wii U titles is "entirely speculated by the sales team" and that titles are "there purely as placeholders."

[Thanks, Vallanthaz]

  • Just Dance 4
  • Killer Freaks from Outer Space
  • Marvel Super Heroes
  • Metro: Last Light
  • Monsters Party
  • New Super Mario Brothers Mii
  • Ninja Gaiden 3
  • Rabbids Party Land
  • Pikmin
  • Raving Rabbids
  • Rayman Legends
  • Shield Pose
  • Splinter Cell 6
  • Sports Connection
  • Tekken
  • Your Shape 2013
  • Zombie
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines
  • Batman: Arkham City
  • Assassin's Creed
  • Darksiders 2
  • Dirt 3
  • Formula 1 All Stars
  • Game Party
  • Ghost Recon Online

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