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Avengers also wins big on mobile sales with Fandango


The Avengers movie did quite well last weekend, hitting number one at the US box office easily, and picking up the biggest domestic opening weekend ever. But it also hit another important record. Fandango reports that The Avengers beat its record for tickets sold via a mobile device.

That's an important figure for Fandango, Marvel, and even Apple, or anyone making mobile devices or apps. It shows, according to Fandango general manager Rick Butler, that "mobile has clearly transitioned from just an alternative way to buy tickets to a primary choice for many weekend moviegoers." On Sunday, mobile represented a whopping 42% of total ticket sales for Fandango overall, so a very large amount of people are looking up movies on their mobile devices, and then buying them right then and there.

Which creates a very large (and growing) market for ticket sales on mobile devices. The last film to hold this record was The Hunger Games, so I don't think this is the last we'll hear about higher mobile ticket sales. Fandango's sales on mobile will probably continue growing, and we'll probably see even more movie marketing users of mobile devices like the iPhone.

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