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Coda sedan EV hits California dealerships, spreads semi-frugal greenness


Coda Automotive's EV sedan has been a long time coming -- but it's here in earnest now. After some initial deliveries two months earlier and the slight matter of parts arriving from China with minor damage, the California-assembled electric car should be in the fledgling automaker's Los Angeles dealership this week. Don't assume the sales rep will have the sedan in your preferred shade of periwinkle blue, however: although all four of Coda's dealerships in California will have samples for test drives, just ten units of the inaugural EV are on sale at the LA location. Should you happen to jump to the front of the small queue, expect to pay a relatively reasonable $39,900 before a tax credit for the regular sedan with a 150-mile range, or an ever-so slightly more economical $37,250 for the 125-mile edition.

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