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Get LostWinds for iOS for free at Starbucks


Starbucks has a deal going on this week to give away a free iOS game to anyone who walks into one of their stores. Usually, the famous (and ubiquitous) coffee chain gives away a song on iTunes, but every once in a while, apps get picked as giveaways, too. This week, its giveaway is LostWinds for iOS, a solid platformer that originally made its debut on the Wii.

To get the game, usually US$3.99, for free, just stop by a Starbucks and grab a "Pick of the Week" card. There's a code on the back for the free game. I assume these are first-come, first-served, so they might be gone already, depending on how busy your local store is. But Starbucks usually has plenty of these around from week to week. Next time you hit a Starbucks to grab a latte, see if you can't get LostWinds for free as well.

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