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Plum Mobile nicely KIRFs the Galaxy Note: hands-on with the Might

Zachary Lutz

You've likely never heard of Plum Mobile before, and to be honest, neither had we before CTIA. Nonetheless, the smartphone creator is here to make a name for itself in New Orleans, even if it needs to ride on the coattails of other manufacturers. It goes without saying that of all the smartphones on display, it was the Might that immediately caught our eye. From a distance, it appeared to be a rebranded Galaxy Note. We then turned it on and discovered a clock widget that's undeniably reminiscent of HTC. The phone features Android 2.3.6 with an unusual UI that combines features of Sense, TouchWiz and stock Gingerbread, and while it's a bit of a mishmash, it's reasonably intuitive.

Plum Mobile stopped short of cloning the Galaxy Note, but the resemblance is uncanny. Sadly, there's no stylus to speak of. The Might features a 650MHz CPU, a 5-inch display and a beefy 2,800mAh battery. Unlike the previous KIRF of the Note that we'd seen, this one features only a 5-megapixel camera, which is accompanied by an LED flash and a front-facing VGA. While none of the specs stand out as amazing -- including the display, which was a bit blurry -- we're told the phone will sell for approximately $180. Most fascinating about the Might, however, is its dual-SIM capabilities. Unfortunately, when we tried to play around with this functionality in the phone's settings, it locked up the phablet and we were unable to proceed. We know you're curious to see more, so be sure to check the gallery below.

Gallery: Plum Mobile nicely KIRFs the Galaxy Note: hands-on with the Might | 19 Photos

Sean Cooper contributed to this report.

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