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Carrier IQ hires former Verizon privacy counsel Magnolia Mobley as Chief Privacy Officer


It's been several months since Carrier IQ explained its data collection practices and responded to FCC and Senatorial inquiry about its privacy policies. Despite the fact that it's no longer in the headlines, Carrier IQ's still intent on improving how it handles consumer info. That's why the firm has hired Magnolia Mobley away from Verizon (who eschewed Carrier IQ's services in favor of its own Remote Diagnostics tool), where she was Big Red's Chief Privacy Counsel. Ms. Mobely will be Carrier IQ's General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer and she's expected to help the company focus on preserving consumer privacy. You can read up on her credentials further in the PR after the break.

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Carrier IQ Appoints Former Verizon Lead Privacy Counsel Magnolia Mobley
as Chief Privacy Officer and General Counsel

CTIA WIRELESS – NEW ORLEANS, LA – MAY 8, 2012 –Carrier IQ today announced the appointment of Magnolia Mansourkia Mobley to the role of General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer. Formerly of Verizon, Ms. Mansourkia Mobley held the role of Vice President and Assistant General Counsel-Privacy wherein she was responsible for privacy compliance across Verizon's business units, and for driving a culture of privacy across the organization. At Carrier IQ, Ms. Mansourkia Mobley will be charged with accelerating and broadening the company's focus on consumer privacy.

During Ms. Mansourkia Mobley's 12-year tenure at Verizon and its predecessor companies, her consumer privacy leadership was instrumental in helping secure a coveted place among the top 20 companies in the "Most Trusted Companies for Privacy" - as ranked by an independent TRUSTe/Ponemon Institute survey. Ms. Mansourkia Mobley has a proven track record in privacy, including development of comprehensive privacy compliance programs, consumer privacy policies and best practices, and representing her clients before state and federal regulators on privacy, security and other Internet policy matters.

Additionally, Ms. Mansourkia Mobley is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP), a frequent speaker on privacy matters and has won numerous awards, including the Executive Women's Forum "One to Watch" Award, MCI's Law and Public Policy Pillar of Strength Award, and MCI's Strategic Pillar Award for Achieving IP Leadership.

"We are thrilled to have Ms. Mansourkia Mobley join our team as General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer. She has the perfect blend of privacy leadership, specific market knowledge and relationships, and legal acumen. This will enable us to further grow and complement our expanding customer objectives," said Larry Lenhart, CEO of Carrier IQ.

"With deep expertise and unmatched technical capabilities, Carrier IQ is a proven leader in providing Mobile Intelligence to mobile operators and device manufacturers," said Ms. Mansourkia Mobley. "I am excited to be joining this innovative organization and its experienced, committed team. I look forward to the opportunity to drive further growth and bolster the company's long-term strategy through a culture of privacy and consumer empowerment."

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