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EVE Online overhauls factional warfare for cleaner systems and bigger consequences

Eliot Lefebvre

Factional warfare isn't a part of EVE Online you hear about very often, and according to the latest design blog, that's partly because the system itself was a mess. The developers are hard at work overhauling the warfare system so that it will be easier to understand, will be more intuitive to use, and will have more substantial bonuses and penalties for factions actively participating in the war. The usability changes are small but significant, mostly centering around consolidating the system's important details under a unified naming schematic.

Turnaround time for system control is being lengthened to roughly 30 hours, but the penalties for enemy factions are also becoming more severe. Enemy factions cannot dock at stations in occupied systems, and the faction in control will be able to spend Loyalty Points to gain special upgrades so long as the system is controlled. If you like going to war in your internet spaceship but aren't really a fan of the wild frontier devoid of security, it might be worth taking a look at the newest design entry.

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