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Google+ adds a better 'notification experience' to your email, saves you a few clicks


Google knows just how much you love to Hangout on its social network, thus it's doing everything within its mighty power to make things a tad bit easier for you. This time around, the Mountain View crew's bringing an improved Google+ notification experience right to your email, allowing you to see, comment and Like +1 posts straight from your inbox. Google says comments stream in real-time to the Plus site, while responses from folks inside your Circles (or anyone else) will show up instantly under the same thread if you're using Gmail. Speaking of, the new "pop-up" features won't be exclusive to those using Big G's email service, and you'll also be able to reply from almost any device once the tidbits go live sometime next week. For now, check the Gmail Blog for details on how to set it all up to your liking.

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