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Astronut for iPad available, use iPhone as controller


If you enjoy casual games and have both an iPhone and an iPad, then you'll want to check out Astronut from The Iconfactory. The planet hopping game has been available on the iPhone for a few years, but an updated iPhone and a new iPad version now lets you use your the iPad for the game and the iPhone or iPod touch as the controller.

With its 24 levels and 40 different achivements to unlock, Astronut is a solid title that'll keep you entertained for a while. You can literally play for an hour without getting bored, but don't worry if you've only got a few minutes to spare as the game can be saved at any point. There's also GameCenter support so you can share your stats with other gamers.

You can check out the promo video of Astronut below and grab both the free iPhone app and the US$1.99 iPad app from the iOS App Store.

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