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Breakfast Topic: Tell us about your WoW zone


So, ladies and gentlemen, the clue's in the name, as ever with Breakfast Topics. Today, just for variety, I'm asking you all to take a step out of the virtual and talk about the real for a second. Tell us all about your WoW zone! Where do you play? What do you play on? What are the vitals that you have to have nearby? I'm not looking for /flexing about processors and graphics cards; we're not trying to keep up with the Joneses here. What I want to know is more of the mundane facts.

You can see from the header image that I play on a laptop. Yes, yes, I know, but I like the portable nature of it! I can move around and play slouched on the sofa one evening or sitting up at my desk the next -- even outdoors, if the weather permits. And I can take the game with me if I'm away! You'll note that I'm a fan of the wired mouse -- I've had way too many batteries die on wireless ones -- and my new, beloved headset perched on the speakers goes right over my ears. Way more comfortable than on-ear ones!

You may also be able to make out the kettle, although my camera's not all that. Tea is a vital component of my gameplay. I take it black, no sugar, so a kettle is all I need. There's a stack of Post-it notes for key things I need to remember; the most recent one reads "Aimed Shot, you pillock." I love playing at this desk. You can't really see it, but I have a fab view of the garden and some curious dogs who don't really understand why I keep telling them I'm hexed.

So tell me about your WoW zone. Laptop? Desktop? Wired? Wireless? Desk or sofa? Or somewhere else? Headset or desktop mic? Room with a view, or distraction-free corner? Kettle or fridge? Or neither?

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