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Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering first look


Today, I got to try out Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering (Free) from A freemium-style RPG game, it offers a polished feel and good production values, especially in the audio track. In the short time I have had with the app, game play mostly consists of bashing enemies and using spells and armor to defend.

I have yet to find much subtlety for strategy and it's clear from the start that the game's raison d'etre is to sell in-game coins and crystals. That said, it's not bad for older kids so long as they keep out of your iTunes account and are okay with highly sexualized game imagery. Adults will probably get bored fairly quickly with the fights.

However, gameplay isn't really why I liked this app as much as I did. I was mesmerized by the deeply accented narrator who could barely speak English. His strong Eastern European tones have won my heart. One of the devs, Alex Patsay tells TUAW that in one of the voice-over versions there were "lifeless desserts" instead of "deserts."

The app itself is fine, I suppose, but the narrations are a delight unto themselves. "When shadows crapped upon the land" and "Land whipping of their noble sons."

If you decide to download, be aware that the app is nearly a half a gigabyte in size.

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