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Apple claims Samsung destroyed "vast quantities" of evidence


The dispute between Samsung and Apple is heating up in the United States, with Apple now claiming Samsung destroyed vast quantities of evidence crucial to the case. According to Network World, Apple filed a motion in the Northern District of California that alleges Samsung intentionally destroyed documents it was required to hand over to the court.

The motion points out this is not the first time Samsung has been accused of destroying evidence. A 2004 trial between Samsung and Mosaid revealed that Samsung routinely deleted emails from computers every two weeks, even when it's required to keep them as part of a court case. Apple claims this email deletion practice and others adversely affected Apple's case against the Korean handset maker.

Samsung has until May 15 to file a response to Apple's accusation. A hearing on the motion is scheduled for June 7, 2012. Samsung denies that it destroyed evidence and is asking for an extension until May 29 to respond to the allegations and a delay in the hearing until July 10.

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