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Ex-IGNer Tina Palacios replacing Bowling as Infinity Ward community manager


When Call of Duty's main public face, Robert Bowling, left his longtime spot as creative strategist at Infinity Ward earlier this year, he left a tank-sized hole in the studio. Though she's small in stature, ex-IGN/1UP community manager Tina Palacios aims to fill that spot in the coming days, IGN reports.

Palacios is taking up the job of "senior community manager" at Infinity Ward – the studio that created the Modern Warfare series, but is most recently known for a nasty legal battle involving its former creative leads.

"I can't say what my official duties are yet," Palacios told us. "But I definitely want to bridge the gap between devs and fans – making sure their voices are heard." There'll be some adjustment of course, she admitted. "The amount of comments I'll receive will probably be much larger than I've experienced at IGN or 1UP, but I'll still do my best." We imagine it won't be too long before we hear more from her. Say, oh, seven to eight months from now? Just a guess.

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