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FreedomPop Sleeve wants to spread 'free' WiMAX love in the form of a $99 iPhone case


Life, Liberty and the pursuit of free WiMAX? According to FreedomPop, yeah, that seems to be the deal. The outfit, started by one of Skype's co-founders, is peddling $99 WiMAX-equipped iPhone cases that share up to 500MB of free data per month via an embedded WiFi module. The case also extends battery life by six hours and enables FaceTime everywhere you go. FreedomPop Sleeve rumors have been circling the net since December, but now the company is taking things to the next level by officially accepting pre-orders for a launch some time after July 1st. It seems that the company intends to get you hooked on free data in the hopes of selling you premium features later on, such as a VoIP tool and a $0.01 charge per megabyte over the monthly data limit. There's a video of the device in action after the break.

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