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MechWarrior Online unleashes a torrent of new screenshots, plus new teaser trailer


Piranha Games has spent the last few weeks inundating us with information on the various gameplay mechanics and customization options that players can expect from its upcoming free-to-play 'bot-battling title, MechWarrior Online, but today the studio has unleashed a deluge of screenshots and a new video that shows what the game's really about: big robots and even bigger explosions. Also, lots of lasers. Pew pew!

The screenshots showcase a variety of 'Mechs -- including the first in-game screens of the Dragon -- going at it with everything from lasers to long-range missiles and everything in between, plus there are quite a few showing off the game's MechLab customization features. The video, meanwhile, gives players yet another look at the game's combat, which, judging by the number of lasers flying around, could double as a (potentially fatal) light show. But enough words; go on and click through the gallery below and feast your eyes on all the giant robot goodness.

[Source: Piranha Games press release]

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