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Sons of Anarchy getting a 'real' console title, rather than browser-based multiplayer


Kurt Sutter, the creator of the FX TV series, Sons of Anarchy, said a little while back there was a game in progress, based on the series' rowdy biker family exploits. It was set to be "a high-end browser-based" title, but a recent tweet from Sutter says that's all changed. Instead, FX and Fox have agreed to "do a REAL game. Console based. Not some slapcrap browser [multiplayer] thing," according to Sutter. He admits it'll take a long time to put together, but since the browser game "felt rushed and unsatisfying," he wants the property treated right.

That's good news for Sons of Anarchy fans ready for a full console experience based on their show. As for us, as long as Ron Perlman's Clay Morrow is playable somehow, we're happy with whatever SAMCRO-based experience we can get.

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