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Study: Xbox 360 most popular non-PC device for watching video ads


The Xbox 360 is the most popular non-PC device for viewing online video, beating out iOS and Android handhelds, according to a study by online-video ad company Freewheel. Freewheel measured "professional content" only, meaning video that runs with ads -- meaning it really conducted a study on how many online ads we watch -- from companies such as NBC, CBS, ESPN and Vevo. The study didn't account for Netflix or YouTube viewership.

Xbox 360 took 28.2 percent of all viewership, followed by iPad with 27.1 percent, then iPhone, Android and iPod Touch on a decreasing scale.

In March, Microsoft announced that Xbox 360 owners use the console more for its entertainment apps than for any actual gaming purposes, spending more than half of their Xbox time on Netflix and other music and video applications. Even though the Freewheel study doesn't include Netflix views, it does support the console evolutionary theory: One day our gaming consoles will have mutated so drastically that we'll have an entirely new species, called simply "entertainment consoles."

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