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Blizzard explains why it's hiring for console Diablo, but not making console Diablo


The situation around the potential console release of Diablo 3 has been strangely half-secret. Blizzard has openly hired for console development, and company representatives have said that they are "investigating" and "exploring" console Diablo projects. They've talked about console controllers and their advantages. But it never got to the point of actually announcing anything.

"Yeah. We haven't officially announced it, because we're not 'experimenting,'" Diablo 3 director Jay Wilson told Gamasutra. "We tell people that basically we're experimenting, because it helps us hire people. The better people we hire, the better chance we have to actually make it."

In other words, there's no concrete plan, but Blizzard is bringing in people to try things to see if they will work – which, yes, sounds a lot like experimenting. "That's why we haven't kept it super secret, but we also haven't confirmed it, because we're not sure yet whether we think it will work, and whether we think we have the resources to do it," Wilson said.

This bit comes at the end of a lengthy interview, during which Wilson also provides a lot of background on the development process – like how a PowerPoint presentation substituted for a design document.

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