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China builds $3.7 billion, 1,373 mile power cable, how was your afternoon?


The State Grid corporation of China is constructing a power line capable of transmitting a staggering 37 billion kWh per year. The record-breaking cable stretches from the power rich Hami Prefecture in Xinjiang to the industrial Zhengzhou in its east -- part of an area that's been suffering from power shortages since March 2011, according to China Daily. Costing a twitch-inducing $3.7 billion, when it's completed in 2014, it'll be the most capacious link in the world. Rather than rest on that particular laurel, the company is commencing work on a second, slightly smaller line that'll be used to transmit wind and solar power from Hami to the rest of the country -- here we were thinking that skipping our lie-in was an impressive feat.

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