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Diablo 3 'Starter Edition' is a quickfire demo


Diablo 3's Starter Edition gives hesitant players a free trial of the game, available for a limited audience for 30 days following its launch tomorrow. The Starter Edition will first be accessible with a Guest Pass key, which can be found in all boxed versions of Diablo 3, and without a Guest Pass after one month. It includes the same contents as the beta: Play up to the Skeleton King in Act 1, and to character level 13. Starter Edition players won't be able to access the real-money auction house and will be able to use Matchmaking only with other Starter Edition players.

The Starter Edition was leaked during the beta in April, but the hole was patched before we discovered if it was a demo, trial or nuclear launch code.

Blizzard has also detailed the Character Profiles feature, which will populate the official Diablo 3 website and allow players to read character stats and track their progress.

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