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Protect your iPhone from prying eyes

Ars Technica posts about the cautionary tale of how vengeful exes and others can use your iPhone to stalk your movements, then offers a great guide to getting your privacy back.

The case in point comes from Reddit where someone admitted to using his girlfriend's iCloud account to track her via Find My iPhone, then changed her contacts information so she was sending text messages to him instead of her friends. While the original poster has since altered the post to remove most of information and admitted that what he did was wrong, commenters have chimed in on doing similar things or having the same sort of access.

Ars uses this as a springboard to write an anti-stalking guide for the iPhone, which contains a lot of common sense ideas and how-tos on changing your Apple ID, iTunes password and more. If you're looking to protect your mobile privacy, it's a terrific place to start. Ars gets kudos for going the extra step and providing information on where to get help if you are being stalked, whether it's by a former loved one or a stranger.

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