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Rez/Lumines vets release iOS game 'Kotomon'


It's hard to imagine a job with more creative freedom than working on games like Rez and Child of Eden, but some former Q? Entertainment staffers have found it, breaking off to form their own indie developer.

Monstars Inc., a company founded by Rez programmer, Lumines designer, and Child of Eden programming lead Osamu Kodera, just released its first game, Kotomon for iOS. Despite breaking with Q?, Kotomon shows that Kodera and co. haven't broken with everything they know – Kotomon promises "Dancing! Monsters! Shooting! Action!" as you slide to collect monsters and then fire them at enemies, with each attack creating new beats in the music.

Kotomon is out today at a promotional $2.99 price; it'll go up to $3.99 after May 31.

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