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RIM's predictive typing on jailbroken iPhone


Who wants a Blackberry-style predictive typing setup on their iPhone? (Don't all raise your hands at once!) Developer Mario Hros gave iDownloadblog a look at the upcoming Octopus Keyboard tweak he's working on.

Octopus Keyboard looks similar to the iPhone keyboard, but you'll notice the RIM influence once you start typing. Just like RIM's upcoming mobile keyboard, Octopus will display word predictions on each key while you type. You can continue tapping letters or input a word easily with a quick upward swipe.

The alternative iPhone keyboard is in the early stages of development, and won't be available in the Cydia repository until sometime next week. The first version will be a basic keyboard, while later versions will include features like auto-capitalize, punctuation and support for longer words.

You can watch a preview of Octopus Keyboard in the video below.

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