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Samsung Galaxy S III C-Pen stylus gets leaked with more accessory press shots


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Samsung wasn't done with the accessories when it announced a whole stack of 'em alongside the incoming Galaxy S III last week. A few more have now started to appear on pre-order, including, yes, another stylus. This is the C-Pen and it's different from both the S-Pen and the stylus we used with Samsung's sketch-friendly tablet. Aside from these press shots courtesy of Mobile Fun, specifics remain a little light -- we're not even sure what the C stands for, but we'd hazard a guess at "creative", possibly "chrome"? It's joined by a substantial £80 (or around $128) WiFi display hub, a battery-charging holster for the phone (£35, around £56) and the previously seen Galaxy S III flip cover (£30, around $48). The stylus is up for pre-order at £20 (about $32) for the British Isles, but a release date for the whole collection still eludes us.

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