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All of the Diablo 3 resources a player needs

Michael Sacco

I've been waiting a looong time for Diablo III -- over a decade, in fact. Blizzard announced the game in 2008. That's four years since the announcement alone! Needless to say, I'm excited.

But I'm also prepared. When I start playing tonight, I'll have a bevy of online resources available to help me out, and I've compiled them for you! Well, for me. But for you, too.
  • D3DB is the ZAM Network's answer to Wowhead for Diablo III -- an exhaustive database of items, abilities, bad guys, and more.
  • DiabloFans is the Curse Network's answer to MMO-Champion for Diablo III. Lots of datamining, blue posts, and all that jazz.
  • The official Diablo III site has the fantastic Game Guide, which has everything from talent calculators to skill videos. Blizzard knocked it out of the park.
  • BlizzPlanet will keep you abreast of all the latest Blizzard news, going beyond blue posts.
  • ForceStrategy has you covered for Diablo video, which might become pretty necessary once you roll into higher difficulties!
  • Our sister site Massively will be covering Diablo III as part of its daily online gaming coverage.

Evil has returned! 1.2 million WoW players are getting Diablo III for free thanks to the Annual Pass. You can get prepared for the evil with WoW Insider's launch coverage. From the lore of Diablo, to the important blue posts and the basics of Diablo gameplay, we'll get you on the inside track for the return of evil.

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