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Blizzard uses a video to explain what Diablo III is

Eliot Lefebvre

So what is Diablo III? Certain members of our audience are likely shaking their heads at the question, but some potential players genuinely don't have any idea. After all, the first game was released back in 1996. For those of you who have heard the name but have no idea what in the world it refers to, you're in luck, as Blizzard has just put together a short video explaining exactly what Diablo III is for the uninitiated.

The short version? It's a game where you head through a lot of randomly generated dungeons, slaughter untold numbers of demons, and try to banish the forces of the Burning Hells from the mortal realm. It's not quite an MMO, but there are definitely tastes of such with the in-game worldwide auction house. But why are you relying on us to tell you? Click on past the break and find out for yourself.

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