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Enjin unveils in-game overlay client


Enjin has quickly established itself as a go-to place for players in need of a community site, and now, thanks to a partnership with Overwolf, the site has introduced the Enjin in-game client. The client works similarly to other in-game overlays such as Xfire and Steam, and it's integrated directly with players' Enjin sites, which allows them to use nifty features such as uploading screenshots and videos directly to their profiles.

And hey, if you're part of Massively's awesome Enjin community, you can use the client to keep up with our community as well. The full list of the program's features, as well as a link to download the Enjin in-game client, can be found over at Enjin's official site, so head on over and give it a go. We'll see you folks there.

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