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Star Trek Online dev unconcerned with losing global playability for the sake of lock boxes [Updated]

MJ Guthrie

Lock boxes in Star Trek Online -- love them or leave them, right? Well, now it may be more of an issue of Cryptic's leaving you if your country has an issue with them.

When a discussion on the Jupiter Force forums noted that certain countries may have legal issues with lock boxes in the game, STO developer @borticus chimed in that the "most likely course of action here, if any is taken, is that STO becomes unplayable" in that country. When the conversation turned toward the loss of revenue from losing said countries, @borticus replied that probably less revenue would be lost from losing a country than abandoning lock boxes.

Could lock boxes be making enough of a profit that losing an entire country's playerbase is a worthy trade off? It sounds like it. Anyone hoping that lock boxes were a temporary fad may want to stop holding his breath.

[Update: Borticus has a response for our low-standard website's reporting of something he said in public.]

[Thanks to "Some Guy" for the tip!]

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