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Two Bosses Enter: Season 4 preview


In Two Bosses Enter, WoW Insider's series of fantasy death matches, bosses, leaders, and powerful figures of World of Warcraft face off in the squared circle. Your vote determines who wins and claims the season title.

Two Bosses Enter's season finale was a big win for dungeon boss design, with End Time's Murozond beating out the rest of the Hour of Twilight 5-man instance bosses and even some of the Dragon Soul raid bosses, thanks to the Raid Finder. The WoW Insider community connected with an all-around fun fight that wasn't as punishing as some of the other fights in the 5-man heroic tier but made for epic moments and an important climactic battle. Murozond and his unique mechanic will have a lot to say going forward with encounter design, I would imagine, as this whole set of 5-mans has been remarkably successful, for the most part. Sorry, Arcurion.

Now that we've got season 3 tucked away, it's time to ponder the future, looking forward toward a brighter and more peaceful tomorrow. Sadly, that tomorrow isn't looking so bright or peaceful, with the Horde and the Alliance preparing to descend upon the lost continent of Pandaria, bitter rivalries and hatreds newly reignited. With war comes heroes from every faction, giving us plenty of cannon fodder for Two Bosses Enter.

Rather than do a beta season of Two Bosses Enter, we're going to announce Two Bosses Enter Season 4 once Mists of Pandaria launches, let people have some time with the new content, and then start a new season. Until then, much like the experimentation of the exhibition season last year, we're going to try something new.

One of the best metrics we've found for the most involvement with Two Bosses is how much people understand and know about the characters that are facing off against one another. In the exhibition season, there were characters that never had crossed people's minds before, now in their sight -- opening up new facets of WoW that they might not have seen yet. We're going to do something similar with the potential contestants in the next season.

So until Mists of Pandaria launches, here's what's going to happen: Over the next few months, we'll be profiling bosses, looking at the coolest encounters, and putting the time into getting to know these bosses, factions, and new personalities. When the next season starts, things will be bigger and better. With a grasp on the heroes and champions on a brand new continent, everything improves.

Until then, I'd urge you all to go back into our archives for the last two seasons of Two Bosses Enter and read over some of the awesome stories that you've potentially missed. There are some very talented and awesome writers in our columns with fantastic renditions of their stories, battle reports, and more. I love writing this column because of the creativity I get to see each and every week.

tl;dr: Season 4 of Two Bosses Enter will begin shortly after the Mists of Pandaria launch. Until then, I'll be delivering more content from the beta highlighting the new Two Bosses lineup for season 4, so we'll all have some information and something to go by when deciding the next champion. But we already know that Chen is going to win ...

So there you have it. Season 3 was a ton of fun, and season 4 looks to be even better. See you guys at launch -- and until then, never let the absurdity of a fight deter you from writing something awesome about it.

Set aside the world order -- let the WoW Insider Ring determine who's the champion! Your votes determine the outcome in WoW Insider's series of fantasy deathmatches, Two Bosses Enter, One Boss Leaves.

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