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Cave Vita games reportedly canceled as COO resigns


Mikio Watanabe, Cave's executive vice president and COO, is leaving the company as of May 31 for personal reasons, according to a press release issued by the company today. Watanabe will continue as representative director until the next shareholder meeting in August. Following his departure, CEO Ito Masahito will become the only remaining representative director.

At the same time, the latest Famitsu magazine (reported by Andriasang) lists two Vita games by the publisher as canceled. One of the games is a Vita release of its casual/social castle building game Shirotsuku; the other is an unspecified shooter.

If you're feeling worried about the seemingly vulnerable company, now might be a good time to remind you that Akai Katana Shin, the company's latest Xbox 360 shooter, is out in North America this week.

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