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Lionhead listing for 'MMO-like title for next generation consoles'


Lionhead's latest job post brings up two salient points:
  • That listing for a multiplayer level designer with "a deep understanding of online multiplayer games" may encompass more than a simple FPS title with online capabilities.
  • Microsoft could be looking to bring MMOs to its console market in a big way.
The most recent want ad, spotted by Superannuation and since removed, described the potential game as an "MMO-like title" and an original IP for the "future generation of platforms." It "will be an RPG-based game with a radical new take on how co-operative and multiplayer gameplay feeds into the experience, while blending online and single-player into one complete experience," the listing read, as reported by MCV.

The title "will have a complex progression system, multiple routes through the campaign and an MMO-like multiplayer experience that will affect the outcome of the player experience, and many other attributes surrounding their profile (such as the environment and the outcome of certain actions)." Superannuation notes that it was labeled as a multithreaded RPG with four-player co-op.

Lionhead's specific use of "MMO-like" and the description's emphasis on a "radical new" genre leaves the game's direction open to interpretation, while nodding at the style of former creative lead Peter Molyneux.

MMOs can be a big gamble
, even for an established studio, and especially if its audience is tethered to a single console unfamiliar with the genre as a whole. Good luck, Lionhead. You may need it.

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