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Ragnarok Online update introduces the town of Port Malaya


It's been over a year since we heard anything from Gravity Interactive's long-running title Ragnarok Online, but today, the silence has been broken. The studio has announced the game's newest content update, which will allow players to visit the paradisiacal Port Malaya, where "the water's always warm and the monsters are always dangerous."

Players level 100 and up will find plenty to do in the new port town, such as "dozens of new quests, including an entire suite of daily tasks to perform." New dungeons also await in Port Malaya, and with new dungeons comes new gear and a new tattoo system that will grant players permanent buffs. Players will need all the power they can get to square off against the myriad new MVP Monsters that inhabit the wilds of Port Malaya. More details on the update can be found on Ragnarok Online's official site, so head on over there and set sail for Port Malaya.

[Source: Gravity Interactive press release]

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