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DUST 514 handing out first beta keys tomorrow [Updated]


Did you drop your name into CCP Games' hat as a potential tester for DUST 514? Then tomorrow might be a lovely day for you, as the studio is emailing out the first round of closed beta keys for registered participants after a short delay from its original key-handing-out schedule.

It is unknown how many keys will be sent out and to whom. Last month, CCP told Fanfest attendees that they would be among the first to test the anticipated MMOFPS. The DUST 514 website states that the studio is sending out Fanfest keys first and keys to standard registered players "soon after."

To celebrate the release of the closed beta keys, CCP is holding a "special event" over the weekend. The details of this event are forthcoming.

[Update: CCP has confirmed that beta registration has begun today and that EVE players and Fanfest attendees will get first pick.]

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