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Facebook Pages Manager for iOS sees soft launch, stats junkies rejoice

Alexis Santos

If you're pining for another way to keep tabs on your Facebook pages while out and about, you're in luck -- that is, if you live in Australia, New Zealand or Ireland. Stealthily launched yesterday for iOS, Facebook's Page Manager app lets administrators keep an eye on page-specific notifications and Page Insight (read: number of likes, shares, views, et cetera) in addition to the normal management fare already available in Facebook's official app. For those in other territories dreaming of using the app, hope is not lost. As a late addition to Ireland's iTunes' Store after its initial appearance for Aussies, it looks like the app is following protocol by holding out on most of the world with its initial launch. As for page owners wielding other operating systems, there's no word on when your app's coming down the chute.

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