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The Walking Dead sells a million episodes [update]


The Walking Dead's critically acclaimed game adaptation has sold over a million episodes across platfoms in its first two weeks. The game takes Heavy Rain-inspired mechanics and weaves them into an intense and morally ambiguous experience.

"The most exciting aspect of getting off to such a great start is that this is just the beginning of the five episode series. The Walking Dead fans are going to experience some really great moments in the months ahead that are uniquely influenced by the choices they make throughout the season," said Telltale Games CEO Dan Connors.

The second episode of the five-part series will be available in June. We are currently following up with the developer to find out if having "sold over one million episodes" means the first episode sold a million units or if those who bought a season pass of five episodes were counted five times.

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Update: It counts it all.

"The information includes both Season Passes sold and individual Episode 1 purchases in the first two weeks. Given that each platform or partner where The Walking Dead game series is available for purchase sells our episodic content with different configurations due to their individual policies, the only way to put all sales information on equal footing is to translate the paid sales into episodes," said Steve Allison, SVP of Marketing for Telltale Games told Joystiq. "The nature of our agreements with each platform partner do not allow us to provide specific sales numbers by platform. We can also tell you that 70% of the transactions to date have been Episode 1 sales across all the platforms. Another data point we can share is that the trial version on consoles has been downloaded over 1.5 million times since April 25th."

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