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The Daily Grind: How much character customization is too much?


Forty million. That's how many fashion combinations Spirit Tales is boasting. Forget, for a moment, whether you are a fan of Anime-inspired MMOs and cutesy fare and consider that staggering number on its merits.

I don't think players are really confused by a mind-numbing array of options. Heck, some of us live for cosmetic gear and could never get enough. But each one of these character tidbits was designed and modeled and textured and coded in by someone, and while we know that game development resources aren't wholly fungible, it's still true that money spent on pigtails and lollipop weapons and hats that look like snakes is money not spent on other features like housing and combat -- features more likely to be used by far more players than bunny ears.

How much character customization is too much?

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