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Tex Murphy gets a Kickstarter page for Project Fedora


The rumored Tex Murphy Kickstarter has been confirmed, to the tune of $216,000 (out of $450k as of this writing). That's how much creators Chris Jones and Aaron Conners have put together already to make the long-awaited "Project Fedora," the next in the cult classic series of full motion video sci-fi noir titles.

You can get a copy of the (eventual) game just by backing at the price of $15, and there are lots of other rewards for higher payments, including a collector's edition, new commentary for the old Tex Murphy games, and even the chance to beta test and be in the game itself. The creators say that the game will have full-motion video, but it will also include a 3D game world, with branching paths of story to follow. As Tex says in the wild Kickstarter video, "it's hat-in-hand time," so go over and give if you want to get in early.

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