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007 Legends trailer reveals October 16 release date


We apologize that this trailer for 007 Legends is buried after an action-packed, tension-ridden, sexually charged video advertising the coming James Bond film, Skyfall. We're sure anyone interested in a James Bond video game is completely outraged by the violent hedonism of James Bond movies. Again, our sincerest apologies.

007 Legends is due out October 16, its trailer eventually reveals, following in-game scenes from Moonraker, one of the six James Bond storylines mashed up for the title. The 007 Legends trailer begins at 1:24, and in all honesty we could have very easily cut out just the video game portion and spared you the trouble of having to watch the Skyfall trailer.

If anyone has a problem with our editorial decision, feel free to take it up with our staff – all 0011 of us.

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