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Bicom turns to Kickstarter to fund its new playGo AP1 AirPlay device


Bicom, makers of the Corian-hewn playGo USB will unveil a new AP1 AirPlay device, but only you if help fund it. After finding out that it wasn't able to produce last year's gear in enough quantity to bring the price down, the company has gone down the Kickstarter route to raise $150,000 in advanced funding. If it reaches its goal, the AP1 will connect to any stereo or pair of powered speakers, pumping out lossless audio for the audiophile in all of us. You can pre-order one right now for $200 or wait and see if the company succeeds, when it'll cost $275 off the shelf.

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Don't Lose A Bit! The playGo AP1 Wirelessly Streams High-Fidelity Audio from iOS Devices to Any Speaker System Using AirPlay® Technology

True Lossless Audio Translates Into Great Sound – The Way the Artist Intended

Monroe, CONNECTICUT – May 21, 2012 – BICOM, Inc., developers of innovative DSP solutions for telecommunications and consumer electronics for over 20 years, announces the next generation playGo USB, the playGo AP1. playGo AP1 is an AirPlay®-enabled receiver that wirelessly streams audio from iOS devices to speaker systems through Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Providing true Hi-Fi quality and plug-and-play usability, the playGo AP1 is a fully featured audio player platform that combines DLNA support with AirPlay technology in one elegant package that seamlessly transmits superior audio from almost all media sources.

playGo AP1 automatically syncs with iOS devices in your home network without the need for additional apps or wires, and creates an audio platform to transfer lossless audio from music libraries such as iTunes®, Pandora®, Rhapsody®, and Spotify®. Unlike Bluetooth wireless audio, the technology in the playGo AP1 supports lossless audio. This means the music is transferred bit-by-bit, preserving the original file format to recreate crisp sound quality. Additionally, playGo can be used to transmit audio from movies, TV, or games being viewed from an iOS device such as an iPad®, therefore enhancing the overall sound and media experience.

Even more, the playGo audio platform has built in USB for compatibility with older iOS devices, as well as DLNA audio streaming support for synching with DLNA-compliant computers, smartphones, and tablets as well as network attached storage devices.

playGo AP1 was engineered upon the desire to create an affordable device that did not compromise sound reproduction and could be used with ease. "We are absolutely thrilled with the playGo AP1 results. We love the ability to walk into our homes with our iPhone and effortlessly continue listening to the same song on our home stereo that had just been on our headphones. The fact that we do not lose sound clarity is also something that we appreciate," said Ekin Binal, lead product designer of playGo at BICOM.

playGo AP1 is currently being funded through Kickstarter and hopes to reach the $150,000 funding goal by July 5, 2012. Audio enthusiasts are encouraged to back the project and be the first to experience uninterrupted music streaming and bring the playGo AP1 to market for all to enjoy!

A limited quantity of playGo AP1's are available for a special early bird price on Kickstarter for $199, the playGo AP1 will retail for $275. More information about playGo can be found here.

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